Solve Education! has launched Africa’s biggest learning competition in the sub-Saharan region to address learning crisis through its versatile education platform – Ed the learning bot.

Solve Education! is a non-profit organization committed to helping children and youth around the globe who are deprived of traditional education or prefer more efficient means than typical classroom education. The organization which is headquartered in Singapore, has branches in Indonesia, the United States, India, and Nigeria.

The program’s key objective is aimed at addressing the learning crisis and youth unemployment crisis in the region by bridging the skill mismatch between traditional classroom education, and industry expectations through ‘gamification.’

To address this apparent disconnect between school and university curriculum, and the expected skills in the workplace, Solve education! collaborated with top academic professors and industry leaders to co-create ‘Ed the learning bot’ and Africa’s biggest learning competition.

This program gamifies vital soft skills that are not taught in the classrooms.

Solve Education! has built Ed the learning bot, to create an open platform that integrates evidence-based curriculum and employment opportunities in the educational game.

The unparalleled efforts of the organization were recognized internationally through numerous awards that include but not limited to Finalist of Next Billion EdTech Prize 2019, Semifinalists of 2019 Innovate for Good Challenge, Winner of Future Makers 2017, and Top 3 finalists 2017 Global Learning Challenge.

Solve Education! learning competition is Africa’s biggest learning competition conducted through Ed the learning bot, it will address the learning crisis and enable college students to put their knowledge and skills to test for exciting prizes up to six million naira.

According to the CEO, Oladimeji Ojo, he said, Nigeria emphasizes the importance of the program as, “We are building a community around our game, and members of our community are called Solvies. Since we made our game free for all, we, however, groom our Solvies to the level where they own high demand technical skills, then we pair them to partner companies. That way, we can accommodate more learners and curate the world’s biggest learning competition.”

Also, Solve Education! selected campus ambassadors from 6 countries across 43 Universities in sub-Saharan Africa to partner with them in promoting, Ed the learning bot, among students.

Core skills in sales and marketing, communication, and leadership in the workplace will be taught through Ed the learning bot.