At Solve Education, our major goal is to make education and employment accessible to children and youth who do not have access to schools. To achieve this, we leverage technology to create various programs and products. One of which is the ED Social Grant

This program takes the form of social voting on Telegram using Solve Education AI chatbot platform- Ed the learning bot. Through the Social Grant, Solve Education! pays undergraduates to build the soft skills they need to lead a meaningful life.

In 2021, over NGN4,000,000 has been invested in youths through the Social Grant. Lack of soft skills among young Nigerian graduates is largely responsible for their unemployability. 

According to a survey conducted in Nigeria, 65% of employers said self-confidence and interpersonal skills are often lacking in graduate recruits. 

So many soft skills are being developed, including but not limited to Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Grit and Determination, Sales & Marketing Skills, Leadership & Social Influence, time management etc.

From our experience connecting our talent community to jobs outside Nigeria, we can understand that- Hard skills get you the job. Soft skills make you keep the job.

Thousands of youths all over the country have participated in our programs and are better for it. 

Solve Education! has helped me polish my networking and communication skills.  It has also helped in boosting my confidence level and provided an avenue for meeting people of like minds” – Ikenna, a ED Social Grant Participant.

As Ikenna mentioned, participants in ED Social Grant get to partake in our community of highly driven youths over the country.  

Interested in learning soft skills and being paid in the process? 

Visit the Grant page now to register